.Hilary Horvath Flowers is located inside Alder & Co, a lovely shop in Portland, OR.  

Hilary is dedicated to sourcing the most beautiful flowers to feature in her shop. One of her favorite and distinguished customers has said "not even in Paris are the flowers this beautiful", and she can believe it as she herself is constantly amazed and inspired by the offerings of the many flower growers with whom she is fortunate to know in the Pacific Northwest.

Hilary started working with Welch Wholesale Florist in Indianapolis, IN in 1994. She continued to expand her skills in floral arrangement and styling in retail shops in Indiana and Chicago. Hilary has found inspiration in the landscape of the Pacific Northwest and bounty of local growers for a decade. Her flowers range from wild, natural arrangements to romantic, opulent bouquets. 

Hilary arranges flowers for weddings, events, photo shoots and individual and business clients throughout the Portland area. She is also happy to travel to accommodate those living outside of Portland who would like her beautiful and unique arrangements.

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